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Hot Transfer Mortgage Leads

The next hot trend in the mortgage industry is hot transfer mortgage leads. A hot transfer mortgage lead is where a lead generating company actually transfers you a live consumer who is interested in a mortgage or refinance.

Normally, mortgage brokers spend time dialing and end up only with less than a 25% contact ratio. This is not solely because the leads are bad, but that people are not always available by the phone to talk and discuss their mortgage options for various reasons.

What about the quality of the leads?
Since these leads are hot transfer, the quality will be a lot more noticable. There is no need to play phone tag trying to reach the consumer for the first time anymore.

What are the costs?
The cost of hot transfer mortgage leads will depend on which states you purchase leads from. Of course, leads from California and Florida will cost a lot more than hot transfer leads from Texas or Indiana. These hot transfer leads will generally be at least $50-$75 and range to a little over $90 to $100 for the top tier states. Don't get scared off by the price. If you factor in the amount of time and that you know for sure these are actual interested borrowers, then the actual cost per lead will be a lot lower than traditional web generated mortgage leads.

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