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Closing Mortgage Leads

Contact Them Right Away
Since mortgage leads are usually sold a few times, the faster you call the lead, the better chances you have at reaching the consumer before other hungry mortgage brokers and lenders. Don't wait a day or two to contact them.

The Initial Call
Introduce yourself and tell them that you got their information through an affiliate who does mortgage lead generation. Do not try to push them into a loan right away. Try to get a gauge of what exactly they are looking for. Sometimes consumers fill out forms without knowing exactly what they want. Once you get an idea that they are indeed looking for a mortgage, tell them what your mortgage company can offer them. At the end, ask if there are any questions or anything else they can be helped with.

At this point, if they are ready to go, close the deal! However, if they seem like they need to think it over, tell the consumer that you will give them a day or two to think it over since you understand that this is a major decision. Give them your phone number and let them know you will contact them to follow up.

The Second Call
This is where most initial loan closing takes place. At this point, the consumer will probably have been contacted by a few other mortgage brokers. Don't waste too much time here. Invite them into your office so that you can show them more detailed information on the closing cost and such. Ask the consumer to bring necessary documents.

Person to Person Meeting
Once you meet the consumer, they are able to associate a friendly face with the voice on the phone. A good mortgage broker can usually talk the consumer into signing some sort of documents to get the process started.

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