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Generating Mortgage Leads

Why not generate your own mortgage leads?
Generating your own mortgage leads is not as easy as it sounds. Internet mortgage leads are usually generated through email marketing and search engine optimization of your company's site. Search engine optimization (SEO) is used to help users find your website through search engines such as google and yahoo. For instance, if I'm interested in a California refinance, I might search "Refinance Mortgage in California". You would have to hire SEO experts to optimized your website on a monthly basis because google and yahoo change their search algorithm so often. Also, you would have to research what phrases people type in, which requires time.

There is a book out that tells mortgage brokers and even webmasters how to generate mortgage leads using SEO and optimizing their form properly. I have not used the book yet but a few people have said while there is no silver bullet in generating mortgage leads, the book does help in introducing you to get started to generate mortgage leads for yourself.

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