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Mortgage Leads Company Review

Company Name: LeadBull
Our Rating:
Location: unknown
Phone: 1-877-230-9826
Year Established: 2001

"Our leads are good and get us positive feedback from mortgage brokers on a regular basis. Our network of Internet sites are directly linked to our automated data management system."

Their website has a decent design, although it lacks in features. I was only able to sort through leads by states and credit ratings. My criteria was not saved, so each time you need to reselect the criteria again.

Their fresh leads can cost between $15-$20. The leads get cheaper as you go through the older leads.

Quality of Leads
Their lead quality isn't that bad. You might run into a few bad ones each time, but other than that, their quality is only surpassed by Eleadz's mortgage leads.

Delivery of Leads
Leads are manually purchased each time you need to purchase leads.

LeadBull seems as if its only run by one or two people.

If they can provide more features to their site, I think they would be able to compete with Eleadz, but at this point, they appear to just be a business operating out of someone's home with decent lead quality.

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