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Mortgage Leads Company Review

Company Name: MLeads
Our Rating:
Location: unknown
Phone: 1-480-654-8500
Year Established: 2003
Other Reviews: Reader Reviews

"It is our pleasure to be your #1 source for internet leads and we are positive that you will become one of the many companies that thank us for helping them to succeed. We appreciate your business. "
-- mleads

The original website design was absolutely horrible. I'm really not sure who actually bought mortgage leads through them. They recently underwent a facelift and it helped a little. The site lacks any sort of functionality. It basically is a one time purchase type site. In other words, you log onto the site, buy the number of leads you want and thats that. When you want more, you go back to the site and repeat the process. There is no automated process.

Their leads start at $21 with a minimum purchase of 30 leads. I've had fellow brokers had some trouble with the freshness of their leads. They claim their leads are new, but most of them are usually a few days to a few weeks old.

Quality of Leads
Returning leads is kind of a hassle. You are forced to fax each individual lead you want returned for a credit. This process takes some time, from the time you fax it in, to the time the request is handled.

Delivery of Leads
Leads are manually purchased each time you need to purchase leads.

Not too much functionality on their site besides the basic login and view a summary of your order history.

The definitely have a better looking site than before, but its whats underneath the cosmic that counds. Unfortunately, there is nothing to get excited about there.

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